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TICSA, as an artisan company, can manufacture all types of tiles, designs and colors, in order to personalize any alternative and unique high level project.

There are great contrasts between the architectural styles of the last 100 years. Modern architecture evolves from Mies van der Rohe's statement "less is more" to "more boring and less costly". Denise Scott Brown, architect and essayist of postmodern American architecture, later rejected the austerity of modern architecture and encouraged the return of humanism, added decoration and symbolism of designs. On the other hand, Michael Graves, architect and postmodern American designer, used designs that give his works a very technical, aseptic and cold character. In contrast to this, the Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz, an example of alternative and traditional architecture, consists of the adaptation of an old and charming Extremadura farmhouse from the 19th century with 48 fully equipped rooms, according to the original style of the time, taking care of even the most minimum detail. The beauty of the farmhouse and its decoration create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The facilities offer a large number of services, among other swimming pools, tennis and paddle courts, Jacuzzi and Turkish baths. Hotel Cortijo Santa Cruz is a clear example of traditional alternative architecture for unique projects.