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Handcrafted and decorated 20x20 cm. tiles from €95/m2, with 8 designs and many different 16 pieces patterns (4x4) with a stately touch based on the TUILERIES period and in 3 colors: white, soft beige and gray.

We define ourselves as a company that promotes neoclassical fashion for personalized alternative tastes, uniting tradition, innovation and manor. The passion for our craft and the flexibility to satisfy customers, decorators and professionals are our values. Closeness, proximity in the daily deal and dedication in offering the best service are qualities highly valued by our clients. For years our PEDRALBES and GLAMOUR collections have been highly valued for their values of tradition, innovation and manorial character. To these collections we incorporate now the contemporary decoration with our new TUILERIES collection, keeping the values of tradition, innovation and stately character, with 20x20 cm decorated tiles, which allow an infinite number of patterns and combinations, from €95/m2. The contemporary decoration uses decorated tiles in different formats and sizes to form complex and very often unexpected patterns, by joining the individual design of each tile with the pattern collective.