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Would you like to have a little wine cellar at home? TICSA helps you to make this dream come true.

CHOOSING THE PLACE: If possible, choose an underground, cool and dry place, because the best care of wines requires special environmental conditions, which are more easily achieved in an underground location. It’s essential to keep a constant temperature between 9°C and 18°C, with an ideal average of 12°C. Adequate moisture is necessary, because the lack of moisture can impair the quality of the wines. Adequate ventilation must ensure the environmental constants above stated. HOW TO CARE FOR WINES: The vibrations and road or street noise should not get at the cellar, since wines have ears and suffer alterations caused by vibrations. The wine cellar light must be very dim to prevent the oxidation produced by excessive light in the stored wine. Excessive odors, such as cheese, ham or similar, close to wines, also alter their quality. It is best to store crianza, reserva or gran reserva wines, prepared to age and improve in the cellar, rather than young wines that have not been prepared to improve over time. HOW TO BUILD THE CELLAR: The TICSA ecological tiles are the best choice for walls and floors. The tiles specially decorated for wine cellars offer an elegant and easy decorative solution. The TICSA ecological wine cellar bottle holders offer the best guarantee for the care and health of your wines.