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Designed by artist Sarah Crowner the tiles are inspired in 20th century abstract art and modernism.

After the “Plastic Memory” exhibition inauguration the last 13th of May, the Simon Lee Gallery states: “We really are so very happy with the outcome of the tiles and to have worked with TICSA on this project. Attached are images of the finished tiled works! They look so beautiful, we are so happy with them and the response to them has been superb! TICSA is listed as manufacturers of the tiles so that’s a great promotion for your products”. Sarah Crowner, the creative artist of the tile design, is also really willing to continue collaborating with TICSA on her projects. Sarah Crowner is an American painter best known for her geometric abstractions that evoke the style of hard-edge painting of the 1950s and 60s. Crowner creates paintings by sewing together angular pieces of already painted canvas and linen. This method emerged from her impatience with the medium. In an interview from an article from the New York Observer, Crowner states that "sewing made sense at first because it was a way of cutting up, collaging, reorganizing and re-constructing in a practical way”. She also creates small ceramic works in neutral color palettes and that have more organic shapes. NOTE: Photos by courtesy of the artist and the Simon Lee Gallery.