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The TICSA artisan terracotta tiles are highly valued by sustainable architecture and qualified as healthy and suitable materials for the bioconstruction.

The principles of sustainable architecture include: (1) The efficiency and moderation in the use of building materials, giving priority to those with low energy content, such as the artistic TICSA tiles compared to those with high energy content. (2) The reduction of energy consumption for heating, the use of underfloor heating systems with ecological terracotta tiles, cooling, lighting and other equipment, covering the remaining demand with renewable energy sources. (3) The requirements of hygrothermal comfort, met by the handmade TICSA tiles for both flooring and cladding, the sanitation, lighting and habitability of buildings. The Decalogue of bioconstruction consists of the following points: Proper location, Building integration into its immediate environment, Personalized design, Proper orientation and Distribution of spaces, USE OF HEALTHY, BIOCOMPATIBLE AND HYGROSCOPIC MATERIALS, Optimization of natural resources, Implementation of systems and equipment for energy saving, Use of systems and equipment for clean production, Waste recovery program and Cleaning of spills.