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At TICSA we benefit from the heritage of knowledge passed from generation to generation

Clay has evolved in our lives with a deep knowledge of the past and a great hope of perpetuating its future.

Assuming these challenges the current generation of TICSA settled in California as TICSA AMERICA in 1986 and found the pleasant surprise of the clay tiles, with its wide range of shades, in the Spanish Missions network created in the eighteenth century.

THIS DIVERSITY OF SHADES, GREATLY IMPROVED AND ENHANCED WITH THE TICSA TREATMENTS, is used by Dr. Architect MICHAEL GRAVES as the basis of chromatic contrast to make true one of the most beautiful creations of artistic and architectural fantasy in Orlando (Florida). "…I see architecture as an invention, in the same way as poetry, music or painting", Dr. Architect Michael Graves.

In Barcelona we have always inherited tradition and originality "...Originality lies in coming back to the origin", A. GAUDÍ 1852-1926.

And Modernism too "..on the basis of an old product, the latest technology is applied" J. PUIG I CADAFALCH. 1867-1956

And respect for art .." Drawing is the honesty of art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is good or bad". SALVADOR DALI. 1904-1989

Ticsa is currently preparing for the future by providing INNOVATION and ECOLOGICAL DESIGN. We have therefore been awarded in Spain as a ceramic company registered in the Official Registry of Innovative Companies.