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J. Puig i Cadafalch, 1867-1956.

Retro Series

Engravings with a new decorative concept that binds craftmanship (non-industrial) with a retro-modern style (contemporary and not rustic).

Size: 20x20x1,1

Designs style:
The style of the designs made by TICSA stands, by its technical and decorative innovation, in the forefront of the retro-modern style fashion, and overcomes the designs that simply copy older products, such as hydraulic mosaic and similar.

Designs Colors:
The designs come in three colors: beige, gray and ocher on a "Antique White" color base tile. However, projects can be made with any other color.

Thickness 1,1 cm:
The size and weight of these tiles allows them to be used in any type of home without any limitations, which opens the door to retro-modern style tiles for the renovation and remodelling of homes, flats and apartments.

Lower prices than the same Glamour series fire engraved designs.