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"…I see architecture as an invention, in the same way as poetry, music or paintinga"….Dr. Architect Michael Graves.

Based on the TICSA tiles, which in water absorption (1.77%) exceed the "klinker" quality, we apply a primary glaze, instead of the usual glazes subject to a firing process

The Brightness of the Mediterranean

For Flooring and Wall Coverings

Over 30

From 5x5 to 60x60 cm.

Smooth (ORS) and Vintage (GVT)
The Glamour satin glaze finish transmits in each color all the original tile surface texture properties, showing the quality of the craftmanship and the special shade of each color.

Rainbow Colors - Translucent (14 Colors):
Translucent colors are made with a light coat of color, in order to let the background body colors show through and create some movement effect.

Rainbow Colors - Opaque (16 Colors):
Opaque colors are made with a heavier coat of the same color, resulting in a darker and more uniform color shade, while always reflecting the movement of the craft texture.

Rainbow Colors Technical Features:
Slip Resistant: Rated as Class 3 Highest USRV 70, allowing any color combinations, even on wet surfaces.
Abrasion Resistant: Rated as Class 4. Suitable for all uses except public areas.

Applied on tiles that keep their handcrafted character

Only for wall coverings

Iris Designs:
An explosion of color. 11 designs. Over a golden surface we apply color and reagents, and the iridescent effects of the metal surface create the most amazing color changes.

3 designs. Size: 10x10 and 12,5x12,5 cm.

8 designs. Size: 10x10 and 12,5x12,5 cm.

Metal Leaf Colors:
Gold, silver, bronze and copper.
Size: from 5x10 to 50x50 cm.

Genuine Leaf Colors:
24k genuine gold, 12k genuine white gold and genuine silver.
Size: 10x10 and 12,5x12,5 cm.
Genuine Leaf colors are made using the traditional metal leaf coating system, with genuine 24K Gold, 12K White Gold and genuine Silver.


A Technique that Creates Art

For Flooring and Wall Covering

These tiles are the result of an energy that melts the color with the tile body, creating a new contrast between the color of the engraved area and the background color of the tile.

From 10x10 to 30x30 cm.

The engravings come in 6 collections:

Glamour Collection:
12 designs inspired in designs from the “Art-Nouveau” and “Art-Deco” styles of the early 1900’s

Psychedelic Collection:
12 designs inspired in designs from the Psychedelic era and other 1960’s styles

Floral Collection:
7 designs inspired in designs from the Catalan-Modernist style of late 1800’s and early 1900’s

Andalus Collection:
10 designs inspired in the designs of Hispanic-Moorish style, from the Andalucia region in southern Spain

Tajik Collection:
6 designs inspired in the designs of the Tajik region in the South-Western area of Asia

Linea Collection:
8 designs Inspired in Contemporary and Minimalist styles, with groups of single, triple or full lines


The artistic design that distinguishes us

-TICSA exclusive offer
-Wide range of products for souvenirs, wine cellars, shops, retail chains, DISTINCTIVES and BRANDS,   social and regional centers, etc..
-Collections of engraved works of art (renaissance musical instruments, arches, medallions etc.)