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"... Originality lies in coming back to the origin",
A. Gaudí (1852-1926).


Pour water over any part of a Pedralbes Series tile and check how it remains fully protected from moisture and efflorescence without losing their breathability.
(Water absorption 1,77%).

Product Features and Benefits

  • Fast drying after installation on site. Finished and ready to use in 3-5 days.
  • Low installation cost.
  • Low absorption base tile and easy cleaning of grouting waste.
  • No additional sealing necessary.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Easy to repair surface.
  • Highly resistant in all finishes.
  • Natural shine patina (using our natural wax).
  • Increased flexural strength.
  • Antique look floors and walls (when our finishing instructions are followed).

Information about terracotta tiles

Terracotta is a natural and ecological product. Good thermal conductor and very suitable for underfloor heating systems.

Texture, color and finish


Two available textures
1. OHS (Original Hand Smoothed) Hand smoothed surface
2. VTG (Vintage) Surface combining rough and smooth areas


Two ranges of colors available
1. Standard (SD) Two available colors
2. Especiales (SP) Cinco colores disponibles


Two available finishes
1. Waxed (WX)
2. Matt (MT)


Most Frequently Used Formats

  • Squares and rectangles
  • Stars, crosses and rounds.
  • Stripes/Borders, octagons, hexagons, pickets, rhombus and shells

Architectural and Landscaping

Moldings, sconces, ceiling vaults, balusters, bricks, wine cellar bottle holders, wall caps, mission-barrel roof tiles.

Indoor Flooring

Borders, stair treads and risers, kitchens, bathrooms, wine cellars, underfloor heating.

Outdoor Flooring

Patterns and combinations, pergolas, barbecues, patio walls, rugs and decorated.

Reclaimed Style Floors for Ancient Buildings (Poblet)

Buildings Requiring Very Rustic Floors (Pavé)

Custom Jobs According to Design


Most Frequently Used Formats

Squares, rectangles, etc. less than 2cm. thick

Wall Decoration

Moldings, borders and corners.


See in our catalog over 400 decorative suggestions.

Stairway decoration.

In addition to the risers and treads (see Flooring), we highlight the decorative importance of stairway walls.

Kitchen Decoration

The anti-stain treatments allow the possibility to use the Pedralbes Series tiles for kitchen walls and floors decoration. In our catalog we provide 288 designs for the wall space between the countertop and the upper cabinets.

Bathroom Decoration

The waterproof treatments allow the possibility to use the Pedralbes Series tiles for bathroom walls and floor decoration.


Hand Painted Collections

Basilica, Medieval Scroll, Medieval Harness, Floral, Classic decos, Medieval cards, Neptune compass, Treboles, Small dots, Collections of fired engravings, Borders, Risers, Heraldic shields, Medieval, Floral, Floral wall paper, Frames, Musical instruments, Arches, Wine cellars, Rugs and Medallions.

Engraved Collections

Borders, Stair risers and corners, Heraldic shields and stars, Medieval, Medieval outline, Floral, Floral wall paper, Frames, Frame outlines, Musical instruments, Arches, Wine cellars: borders, corners and wine labels, Rugs & Medalions.

Metal Insert Collections

Fleur and Teardrop

Customized Rugs

Specially designed for homes, shops, retail chains, bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.
More information in “RUGS”.