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The bright colors of the Mediterranean. For flooring and wall covering.

Based on the TICSA handcrafted tiles, which in water absorption (1.77%) exceed the "klinker" quality, we apply a primary glaze, instead of the usual glazes subject to a firing process.
The mosaic is available mesh mounted in the following:

  • Formats: Square and rectangles
  • Size: 2,5x2,5, 5x5, 2,5x5 and 2,5x7,5.
  • Textures: Smooth ORS y rough GVT

Rainbow Translucent Colors (14): Translucent colors are made with a light coat of color, in order to let the background body colors show through and create some movement effect.

Rainbow Opaque Colors (16): Opaque colors are made with a heavier coat of the same color, resulting in a darker and more uniform color shade, while always reflecting the movement of the craft texture.

Rainbow colors technical features:
Slip Resistant: Rated as Class 3, Highest USRV 70, allowing any color combinations, even on wet surfaces.
Abrasion Resistant: Rated as Class 4. Suitable for all uses except public areas.